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Gain access to more customers by easily adding crypto payments to your e-commerce or website. Start getting paid in crypto the easiest and most secure way, for you and your customers.

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Accept crypto payments in under 5 minutes

Are you being asked to accept crypto but you don’t know how a blockchain works? No need to. We handle all that complexity and offer you a seamless convenient crypto payment service for your e-commerce. Start being paid in crypto in a few clicks and grow your business by tapping into a huge base of crypto users.


Open up to freedom of payment choice

The world should have freedom of choice on how they want to pay their purchases. And you should make that an easy choice. Blockchain technology enables this in a fast and secure way. That’s why we have built a powerful protocol and platform to help you unlock crypto payments, either on your e-commerce, website project or even donations project.

Our Roadmap

YmplePay was founded in 2020 and has delivered new features and services since then. And we’ll keep on doing that. Check out what's in store for the upcoming months.

Q1 2023

Release of the version 2.2

Q2 2023

Introduction of the new token BUSD for payment

Q3 2023

Start the procedure to be listed on Coinbase

Q4 2023

Start procedure to be listed on Binance

Q1 2024

Release of the version 3.0

Why Us?

With our highly secure and easy-to-use crypto payment gateway, we enable your business to accept crypto payments and effortless increase your revenue. Get ready to offer crypto payments to your customers in no time.

Fast set up

Sign up here, fill in your email and your payment address… and you’re ready to go!

Easy integration

Painless add the crypto payment option on your website.

Instant conversion

You price your product in your currency, get paid in crypto and we take care of the exchange conversion.

Instant payouts

All crypto payments go straight to your wallet. Instantly.

No chargebacks

Crypto payments are final. From your customer to you, no chargeback risk.

Add your crypto currency

Request a new crypto currency or token to be added to the platform.

Payment links

No website? No problem. Send out an email with an easy to use payment link.

Safe & Secure

All transactions are secured with an efficient and fully secure authentication mechanism.


Set up multiple flow for your own products

Low fees

Low 1% fee on each payment. Sign up now on our ‘Early User Program’ for a 0% fee plan.

Our Team

A project is as strong as its team members. And we have a group of the most capable and committed professionals in the crypto industry.

Fabien T.


Laura Corsi

Content Marketing Manager

Tamer Elnahal

Senior Software Engineer

Gregory Campion

Strategic Partner Development Manager

Roberto Arias Alegría

Information Security Specialist

Randeep Huda

Senior Software Developer

Juhi Chawla


Emiliano Q.

Senior Software Architect

Frequently Asked Questions

YmplePay is an innovative protocol to accept crypto payment in an easy and secured way. It is based on most recent technology.

100, 000, 000, 000 with no additional token creation and with one burn address.

YmplePay token can be purchased on the main swap platform of PancakeSwap Link under the code YMPA. YmplePay Address: 0x5f7871433322b9f9795b97801ec3396276d1d056

YmplePay is on the Binance Smart Chain Network. This means it is much more flexible and fees are much lower than other blockchains like ETH. YmplePay is built for everyone to buy and BSC allows that to happen.

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