What is $YMPA?

YMPA is the token of YmplePay, the crypto payment gateway. We make it easy and hassle-free for business owners to accept payments in cryptocurrencies and tokens. And we help you to pay your purchases in your favorite token, without the need for credits cards o currency exchanges.

Why buy $YMPA?

Our project is sound, has aged well and is ready to onboard VC funding. When that happens, we'll have the tools to raise awareness and push it to the forefront of the crypto payment industry

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YmplePay, the start-up

Founded in 2020 in Berlin, the vision that has brought together the team is to open up the choice of payment for everyone. You should have freedom of choice on how you want to pay your purchases. And our blockchain technology brings you this freedom.

Technical details of $YMPA

  • Token on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • 100B in circulation
  • No additional token creation
  • Locked LP
  • Token burn planned
  • Steady price through the bear market
  • Address: 0x5f7871433322b9f9795b97801ec3396276d1d056

The team

A project is as strong as its team members. And we have a group of the most capable and committed professionals in the crypto industry:

Fabien T.


Laura Corsi

Content Marketing Manager

Tamer Elnahal

Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

Strategic Partner Development Manager

Roberto Arias Alegría

Information Security Specialist

Randeep Huda

Senior Software Developer

Juhi Chawla


Emiliano Q.

Senior Software Architect

Now is the right time

Get your $YMPA before everyone else